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The Phenomics Ontology Driven Data system delivers an Open source (GNU Affero GPL, v3) and free data management service to capture, manage, secure, annotate, distribute and publish raw and analysed data from the phenotyping projects ran by the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility. PODD also provides the ability to manage a repository of associated contextual information (metadata) based on standard ontologies (controlled vocabulary) to support data discovery and analysis services. The PODD system was designed to meet the requirements of the APPF data management plan and in particular to enable the facility to make the information publicly available after a pre-determined period. As such a range of tools have been developed to provide a web-based discovery interfaces for:

- users,

- external repositories, and,

- services and support for the automatic capture and annotation of data and metadata from instrumentation when possible.


CSIRO, Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide.

Project Members:

Mr Gavin Kennedy (Project Manager 2010-2012), Dr Peter Ansell (Project Manager and Developer 2013-2015), Dr Warren Creemers (Project Manager 2015-now), Ms Vidya Bala (Developer, 2015-now), Dr Xavier Sirault (Scientific lead 2010-now).


v1.0.0 – completed, v2.0.0 – revision of architecture, v2.1.0 – redesign of interface

PODD is a proponent of the FAIR data principle:

- Findable: persistent URL’s and a restful API;

- Accessible: Website access, SPARQL endpoint, PODD Open Source License;

- Interoperable: API for data import and connectivity to other data sources, easy deployment of PODD instances to form clusters and to display result datasets from multiple data sources;

- Reusable: provide links back to original raw data source, including metadata.